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Who’s Got the Flavor??? Dab Face has the Flavor!

Why sacrifice vivid flavors for intense concentrates when you can have them both?! It didn’t take long for the industry to learn the potency that concentrates could provide.

Noticing the lack of clean flavors, we stepped in to fill the void and bring YOU THE FLAVA!

Face it, We Are The Best…

Who Brought in the finest cannabis chemist to craft potent oils and shatters? Dab Face Did!!! Who provided these experts a state of the art lab with all the Industry  Leading Equipment? Dab Face Did!!!

Our passion is in every puff of vape and dab of concentrate. Taste it and see for yourself, we offer a LEGIT AMOUNT of flavors for those canna-suers who prefer the taste of bud, and many others that are designed to draw out your inner Dab Face.